Dye Penetrant Inspections & Visual Weld Inspections – what does it mean.

We engage external contractors to provide a variety of independent engineering services to validate our work.  Most recently, we have worked with an external contractor to undertake weld inspections on behalf of our clients.  The weld inspections are made up of two key components as follows: Visual Inspection and Dye Penetrant Inspection (DPI).  

About the Visual Inspections

The platform undergoes a 100% visual inspection which involves the NATA accredited inspector measuring and validating all welds against the specification contained within AS/NZS1665-2004.  While the inspection is visual, the inspector uses a range of instruments to validate the various welds.  A detailed visual inspection report is then provided which links the inspections to each platform.  

About Dye Penetrant Inspection (DPI)

10% of the total quantity of welds in the platform are selected at random and a penetrant is applied as part of a process to identify defects and flaws following the application of a developer and then viewed using a white or black ultraviolet light. The NATA accredited inspector then validates the weld against AS/NZS 1665-2004 Table 6.1 Cat B.  A detailed dye penetrant inspection report is provided which links the inspections to each platform.  

For more information on weld testing along with the range of other engineering services we can provide, please contact the office on +61 3 8710 3900 or sales@nobolt.com.au