Height Safety Advice, Site Inspections, Platform Inspections, Designs, Engineering & 3D printing
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Utilising both our experience and our team of No Bolt mechanical engineers and fabricators, we can provide:

Height Safety Advice – we can provide general and specific advice around compliance, improved workflow, the application of the OH&S and WHS (height safety) regulations and can tap into our experience generated through the delivery of thousands of platform solutions.

Site Inspections – we can provide face to face site inspections to better understand the access challenge or using iAuditor and other online delivery systems, we can undertake a site inspection remotely.

Platform Inspections – as per our site inspection service, we can provide face to face platform inspections or using iAuditor and other online delivery systems, we can undertake a platform inspection remotely.

Designs – we can provide concepts and designs for both aluminium and non-aluminium solutions.

Engineering – we can provide a number of engineering services in-house and we have  also partnered with a number of external engineering practitioners who can offer a broader range of services.

3D printing – we can use our printer to create and validate our ideas before progressing to manufacture.

Please contact the office more information on any of the above services.


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