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Online scaffolding guide

Welcome to the dedicated No Bolt Scaffolding technical data site. Following a review of popular requests for information and in accordance with our obligations as a designer, manufacturer and supplier of plant, we have made all documentation relating to compliance available for download. In the following pages you will find copies of instructions for use, maintenance and storage along with specific design registration information for the scaffolding range.

Important – In 2015 we ceased the manufacture and sale scaffolding components.  At the time, we wrote to all clients who had purchased scaffolding in the preceding 5 years advising the same.  If you require components, we recommend an online search as there are plenty of 2nd hand components available. Product support is only available through this web page.

If you seek a Work Platform or would like to replace your scaffolding with a permanent solution, please contact a Sales Engineer on 03 8710 3900 or use the contact us form at


Scaffolding Replacement Program

We work with refinery, mining and offshore vessel operators to review the use of scaffolding with the objective of replacing it with a purpose built solution.  We can typically work with the client to improve workflow and efficiency through the elimination of scaffold hire & rental, scaffold labour and deployment delays impacting on equipment downtime.  

We’ve worked with Viva Energy, Rio Tinto, Shell and Transocean to replace scaffolding with a custom built solution.  Our Sales Engineers (yes, real engineers are available to expand on some of the recent work we have undertaken) or you can download the following pdf with more information on a recent project.

Instruction guides

Instructions for assembly, maintenance and storage can be found below.  The first 11 height descriptors relate to the No Bolt 4700 Series and the instructions for the Stair Access Towers, 2700 Series and Rapid Scaff can be found below these. 

To locate the correct set of instructions, you will need to know the platform height, length and width of your 4700 Series Scaffold tower.  We have provided a metric/imperial key on the right hand side to assist with this.

An easy way to determine the maximum height of your scaffolding tower is to count the number of rungs in your scaffold ladder and deduct 3 rungs from the total to calculate the platform height.  Example – A 15’ ladder will have 15 rungs and is therefore suited to a 12’ scaffold.  An 18’ ladder will have 18 rungs and is therefore suited to a 15’ ladder.

8.2m (27ft)
9.1m (30ft)
2700 Series
Stair Access Towers
Rapid Scaff
Component listing

Key (Feet to metres)

  • 3′ = 0.9m
  • 4′ = 1.2m
  • 5′ = 1.5m
  • 6′ = 1.8m
  • 7′ = 2.1m
  • 8′ = 2.4m
  • 9′ = 2.7m
  • 10′ = 3.0m
  • 12′ = 3.6m
  • 15′ = 4.5m
  • 18′ = 5.4m
  • 21′ = 6.4m
  • 24′ = 7.3m
  • 27′ = 8.2m
  • 30′ = 9.1m



  4700 Series Scaffolding 2700 Series Scaffolding Stair Access Tower Rapid Scaff
VICTORIA DLI 143 V0220074 V0220260 V0320389
QUEENSLAND (1) Q21908 Q21910 V0220260 Q21911
TASMANIA (2) DLI 143 V0220074 V0220260 V0320389
SOUTH AUSTRALIA (3) DLI 143 V0220074 V0220260 V0320389
NORTHERN TERRITORY (4) DLI 143 V0220074 V0220260 V0320389
AUSTRALIAN CAPITAL TERRITORY (5) DLI 143 V0220074 V0220260 V0320389
WESTERN AUSTRALIA (6) DLI 143 V0220074 V0220260 V0320389
NEW SOUTH WALES (7) DLI 143 V0220074 V0220260 V0320389


  1. A plant design is not required to be registered in Queensland if the design has been registered by another state or territory or the Commonwealth WHS Regulator [Regulation 245 (1)].
  2. The design of plant identified in Schedule 9 of the Regulations must be registered either in Tasmania or another state or Territory
  3. South Australia now operates under the National Standard for Plant. Design registration is required for plant as listed in Schedule 4, Part 1 (see below) of the Occupational Health Safety & Welfare Regulations 2010.
  4. A plant design is not required to be registered in the Northern Territory if the design has been registered by another State or Territory or the Commonwealth WHS Regulator [Regulation 245(1)].
  5. An item of plant does not require registration by the ORS if it has already been registered under a corresponding State or Territory WHS law [regulation 247].
  6. WA – WorkSafe accepts both design registration and individual registrations from any Commonwealth, State or Territory Authority with responsibility for plant safety.
  7. A design of an item of plant is not required to be registered by WorkCover NSW if the design is registered by another state or territory or the Commonwealth WHS Regulator. (Clause 245 (1) of the WHS Regulation)

National Standard for Plant – Where an item of plant, other than that of the normally fixed type, is currently registered with an Authority and the plant is in use in the jurisdiction of another Authority, the registration with the first Authority shall be deemed as valid.




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