Product Profile

SLAP | Safe Loading Access Platform

The solution

The Safe Loading Access Platform (SLAP) provides temporary guard railing and access when the driver is required to be elevated on the trailer. The SLAP is supplied as a six metre left or right side unit and can be configured to join end-to-end to form a single twelve metre unit.

The platform features offset castors on the outside of the platform to ensure that if someone was to trip and fall into the guardrail while stepping off the trailer, the platform will not topple over.

Each of these platforms are fully welded, heavy duty platforms and come with integrated safety booms. All of our standard SLAPs have a safe work load of 500kg, equivalent to two people and tools, which we have found to be adequate for the size of the platform and the work sequence.

Key Features

  • SWL – 500kgs
  • Ladder Access
  • Non-slip platform surface
  • Offset castors
  • Configurable to 12m (using 2 units)



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Instructions for use

This solution has undergone a comprehensive risk assessment against the OH&S regulations and applicable Australian Standards.  Detailed instructions for use, maintenance and storage are provided with all No Bolt solutions. 

Ladder Access

Allows for a reduce platform footprint for areas with restricted space. The user is requires to access and egress the platform while facing the ladder. 

Mesh Deck

An open mesh deck is best suited for areas that are subject to oils, grease or large amounts of dirt and water.


This platform has been engineered to sustain a maximum Safe Work Load of 150kgs. 


High quality castors have been selected to optimise the deployment of the solution. The blue rebound rubber castors are ideal for smaller platforms and for use over asphalt and other lightly graded surfaces. 

Safety Boom

A safety drop boom is a simple and effective way of protecting the platform access.