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About the Multi-role Maintenance Platform Set
Hangar space is premium space and it is often a “battle” and resulting shuffle to store aircraft, the associated support equipment/GSE and maintenance platforms both in and around the hangar.

Multiple rotary wing aircraft types typically require multiple (and bulky) solutions.  We have worked with an MRO client to develop a flexible solution to reduce both the required investment in the stands and impact on the hangar space.  Our solution also provides the client with flexibility to purchase additional Adaptor Sets or Core units to suit their future maintenance requirements.

How it works
The new Multi-role Maintenance Platform set is designed to work with Leonardo’s AW169, AW139 and AW189 in addition to the Airbus H175.  The solutions consist of a Left Side and Right Side core unit which provide the access and main structure.  Each core unit is designed to lock into an aircraft type specific interface (adaptor). The adaptors are designed to follow the curvature of the airframe and are engineered around access to the baggage door, cockpit and main sliding door (open and closed) and engine cowl (in the case of the AW189). 

The Tail Rotor system requires two very different core units given the very different geometry between the H175 and AW169, AW139 and AW189 offerings.  To reduce the required space, we have developed an access unit which can be used with each Tail Rotor Core Unit.

Our clients can opt to purchase all of the adaptors at the same time or just the required adaptors to suit the existing fleet with adaptors or core units being procured in the future. 

For more information or a product brochure, please contact the Sales Engineering Team.