The No Bolt Way


We know you’re busy. So you’ll have the support of a No Bolt engineer at every stage of the process – someone who understands the problem, can answer your questions and provide the technical advice you need.

Risk assessment

This is a genuinely agnostic and complimentary audit: if we think an alternative solution is a better fit, we’ll let you know.


We then provide a solution concept – at no cost. This gives you a good idea of how we can solve the problem and lets us accurately estimate design, manufacture and supply costs.


After undertaking a full risk assessment and engineering consult, we’ll share a detailed concept. We may also provide a 3D-printed prototype at scale.


When you’ve signed off on this design, we’ll manufacture it in our Melbourne facility. Turnaround time is typically 4 – 6 weeks, depending on materials and complexity.

Supply and installation

This is the moment that makes all the difference – where we see how perfectly the solution fits, and the impact it has on your operations and staff.

Annual desktop inspection

Our equipment comes with a three year guarantee. But for peace of mind, we recommend adding a regular service. We’ll conduct a remote assessment via iAuditor on a cost-effective subscription basis, including compliance certification.