No Bolt News – a snapshot of what we have been working on. 

AW139 Platform Set & Support equipment to Ethiopia

We are thrilled to ship our first set of AW139 Access stands to Ethiopia.  This shipment marks our first to Africa and joins another 6 recent exports into the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. 

AW139 Hangar Set Up

We’ve recently launched a new kit designed to fit within 2 x 40′ HC Containers consisting of:

  • 1 x AW139RS-A  | AW139 Right Side Maintenance Stand AFT Access
  • 1 x AW139LS-A  | AW139 Left Side Maintenance Stand AFT Access
  • 1 x AW139 | Tail Rotor Maintenance Stand
  • 1 x NBCP2803 | AW139 Pre Fight Inspection Stand
  • 1 x NBCP2802 | AW139 Main Rotor Blade Storage Stand
  • 1 x NBCP2475 | AW139 Main Rotor Blade Inspection Trestles
  • 1 x NBCP2396 | General Purpose 5 Step A Frame Ladder

The above kit maximises space within the container and is a good starting point for setting up the hangar with access equipment.

Contact the office for more information on above. 

Large Rail Platform

We’ve just designed and manufactured one of our larger rail access platforms in recent times. Key dimensions are:

  • Overall Height: 5830mm
  • Overall Width: 5160mm
  • Overall Length: 5600mm

Designed to provide access to the roof of the train for maintenance works. 

A330 Windscreen Platform 

We recently had the chance to check in on one of our pre COVID builds for Qantas.  The A330 Windscreen Platform provides access for windscreen inspections, windscreen changeovers and other maintenance works. Supplied in 4 modules, each module is designed to fit within a 40′ HC Container and the A330 (and B787) windscreen set can deployed intrastate, interstate and overseas. 

Contact the office for more information.