Product Profile

NBLP | No Bolt Ladder Platform

The solution

The No Bolt Ladder Platforms were first developed over 20 years ago as an alternative to small scaffolding and lighter weight ladders.

Key Features

  • SWL – 150kgs
  • Ladder Access
  • Self-closing boom rail
  • Wheel barrow style mobility



Overview of the features

Instructions for use

This solution has undergone a comprehensive risk assessment against the OH&S regulations and applicable Australian Standards.  Detailed instructions for use, maintenance and storage are provided with all No Bolt solutions. 

Safety boom

A safety drop boom is a simple and effective way of protecting the platform access point. 

Ladder Access

Allows for a reduce platform footprint for areas with restricted space. The user is requires to access and egress the platform while facing the ladder. 


This platform has been engineered to sustain a maximum Safe Work Load of 150kgs. 

Castors & Wheels

High quality castors have been selected to optimise the deployment of the NBLP. (Placeholder image shown)

No Bolt Ladder Platform Dimensions

Part NumberPlatform HeightPlatform AreaApproximate Weight
NBLP2600mm700mm x 700mm30kg
NBLP3900mm700mm x 700mm35kg
NBLP41200mm700mm x 700mm45kg
NBLP51500mm750mm x 900mm55kg
NBLP61800mm900mm x 900mm65kg
NBLP72100mm900mm x 900mm75kg
NBLP82400mm900mm x 900mm85kg
NBLP92700mm1000mm x 1000mm95kg