Plant & Machinery Maintenance Platforms, Conveyor Crossover Platforms & Scaffolding Replacement Platforms
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Our work in Manufacturing

We work with clients to develop solutions to improve access to Plant & Machinery. Some of the solutions include platforms to enable the addition of product as part of the manufacturing process, conveyor cross over platforms, machinery access platforms to enable both routine and unplanned maintenance.


We worked with Caterpillar in Tasmania, Thailand and Jakarta to develop multiple solutions to aid in the fabrication, assembly and inspection of Underground Mining Loaders and Trucks. Our multi-role solution is designed to progress down the assembly line as the loader or truck advances through the various production gates.

Most recently we have worked to replace long term scaffolding hire with purpose built solutions thereby delivering a cost reduction and improved workflow.

Available product information

Scaffolding Replacement Program
Assembly/Production Line
Walkway and conveyor cross over platforms