Plant & Component Scans with Platform Modelling
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Capturing measurements at a client site can vary from straight forward to complex. Multiple protrusions and other site limitations can make the data capture both time consuming and difficult.

By harnessing the LiDAR technology, No Bolt are able to provide the client and internal engineering team with a realistic 3D overview of the proposed access solution in position. This allows clients to better evaluate the solution with end-users by delivering a presentation that portrays the proposed solution more clearly than a traditional 2D or even 3D without the solution deployed.

Combining LiDAR and 3D technology, both No Bolt and our clients are better able to address potential issues prior to manufacture. These techniques enabled the teams to:

  • Validate the workflow with the end-users and provide them with the opportunity to provide feedback on the scaled model before production.
  • Test fit the proposed concept in a virtual space rather than manufacture, fit and risk further modifications risking cost blow outs. 
  • Undertake a more detailed risk assessment prior to commencing production.
  • Reduce the risk of a fall from height.
  • Reduce the risk of damage to plant.

Using specialised software, we are able to import the LiDAR scan into our design software and design to scale around the scan. Using this technique, we were able to address protruding pipe by accommodating a “cut out” in our design. We are then able to provide the client with a realistic solution in situ.

Let us know if you would like more information on LiDAR and what we can do with it to deliver better safety outcomes.