Feature Walkthroughs

The over centre latch. Our guardrails are fitted with a Swedish made over centre latch to secure the guardrail to the platform.  This latch features:

  •  a safety catch
  •  is padlock-able. 



The Santoprene(TM) yellow buffer is part of our protection pack and is a custom extrusion produced for No Bolt. This particular profile was used given:

  • Resistance to UV
  • High visibility colour
  • Durable
  • Soft and flexible with a low compression set



The der Schutz buffer is also part of our protection pack and is custom made for No Bolt. Constructed from PE45 closed cell foam, some of the benefits are

  • UV stable
  • Higher tearing strength
  • Higher tensile strength
  • Outstanding shock absorbing qualities
  • Durable

The plank deck. To help deliver a working surface and solid as though you are working from the ground, we use scaffolding planks to form our platform decks. The key features of our plank deck are:

  • Anti-slip top surface with rubber inserts for improved grip
  • Unique hollow box profile with internal stiffeners. 
  • Compatibility with our Workflow System
  • Corrosion resistent
  • Non-porous 



The soft corners. To reduce the risk of damage to plant (particularly main rotor blades and the A/C fuselage) our guardrails are fitted with a 90 degree elbow. The key features of our soft corners are:

  • Locally sourced cast elbow 
  • Rounded profile reduces the risk of damage
  • Where riveted, most guardrails can be repaired on site



The decals. Our platforms are supplied with clear and concise decals which aid in the operation of product. All of the decals are traceable and we have versions to address:

  • Safe Working Load
  • General Access
  • Castor use
  • Safety boom use
  • Adjustable jack use
  • Pinch Point caution
  • Sourced locally



We offer a range of castors depending on the application.  We typically use the 8″ Polyurethane (PU) swivel braking castor for our range of aviation platforms when used inside the hangar.  The key features:

  • Low rolling resistance 
  • Foot operated brake
  • Sourced locally



Where practicable, we use and fit TRUCLOSE® Regular Self Closing Hinges.  The key features are:

  • Won’t rust, bind, sag or stain
  • Simple, adjustable closing tension
  • Super-strong polymer and stainless steel construction
  • UV-stabilised and self lubricating durability
  • Sourced locally

Product Walkthroughs

This is a walkthrough of our AW139 Right Side Main Stand.  Hopefully, you will be able to view the key features and get a feel for our AW139 solution.