Product Profile

B787 Windscreen Access Platform

The project

In late 2019 we partnered with our client to develop an access platform for the Boeing 787 Dreamliner to undertake windscreen inspections, windscreen changeovers, wiper access, hump seal inspections and hump seal maintenance.  

The access challenge

  1. The aircraft geometry – each windscreen is approximately 5 metres above the ground and spans around 3.5 metres. This is further complicated by a design requirement to span and clear the aircraft nose to enable access.
  2.  The platform size – given the height and span, the platform is large.  It is too large to transport as a fully welded solution, so we had to break it down into 4 modules.  The benefit of this design means we are able to ship this solution to our international clients.
  3. The risk of damage to the aircraft –  at a cost of around USD $292m and the risk of an interruption to our client’s schedule, we needed to develop a solution which allowed the engineers to position the platform close enough to the aircraft to undertake the works, but reduce the risk of striking the aircraft.  

Our best products are designed in partnership with our clients.

Below are a series of images showing the assembly and commissioning.

The stand consists of 4 units which are bolted together to create the B787 Windscreen Platform stand.  This image shows modules 1 & 2 being assembled outside our client’s hangar.

With modules 1, 2 & 3 installed, this image shows module 4 being installed.  

The fully assembled stand in the client’s hangar highlighted against the scaffolding version which it replaced.

The underside of the platform highlighting the custom fit and No Bolt der Schutz foam protection system. 

The platform deployed showing the stair access, tow bar and fit around the windscreen. 

A side view again highlighting the fit along with the cantilever required to clear the nose.

Client engineers confirming the fit and workflow.

This image highlights the proximity to the windscreen, wipers and airframe

The final fit