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Our work in Aviation

We commenced with a focus on rotary-wing with access and maintenance solutions for the Bell 412. We then expanded the range to include maintenance stands & platforms for the Sikorsky S-76, Leonardo AW139, Airbus EC225, Airbus AS332, Sikorsky S-92, Leonardo AW109, Leonardo AW169, Leonardo AW189 and most recently the Airbus H175.

Our fixed wing offering includes solutions for Boeing’s B787 Dreamliner where we worked closely to develop a range of solutions for both hangar and line maintenance. We have also worked on the Airbus A320 Series, Embraer EMB120 and EJ170, Pilatus PC-9 & PC-21 and Boeing 737.

Fuelling Platforms

In addition to our maintenance solutions, we’ve developed fuelling platforms for the B777, BAE146, A320 and Cessna Caravan.

Other support

We also offer Main Rotor Blade Storage trees, Tyre inflation cages, Main Rotor Blade Inspection Trestles, External Fuel Tank Lifters, Hoist Lifters, General Purpose Hangar Platforms and Pre Flight Inspection Stands.

Key Features

Our range of aviation solutions have been integrated with features designed to reduce the risk of damage to the aircraft. We use soft corner guardrails, radius edges and an exclusive protective buffer on our solutions as standard.

Available product information

Multi-Role Platform System- AW169, AW139, AW189 & H175
Leonardo – AW109 Stand Set
AW169 Stand SetAW139 Stand Set
AW189 Stand Set
Sikorsky – S-76 Stand Set, 
S-92A Stand Set
Airbus – H175 Stand Set, H225 Stand Set
Bell412 – Stand Set

Airbus – A320/A321 Various Stands
Airbus – A330 Windscreen Stand
Boeing – B787 Various Maintenance Stands

Refuelling solutions – BAE146, A320, B777

Below is a snapshot of some rotary wing solutions in action.

Below is a snapshot of some fixed wing solutions in action.