Rotary Wing Blade Stands, Trestles and General Purpose

Available solutions

Aircraft Type/sSingle/Multi-roleNo Bolt Part NumberDescriptionIntended use
MostSingleTISCTyre Inflation Safety CageENG
LeonardoMulti-roleNBCP2802Leonardo Main Rotor Blade StorageENG
LeonardoMulti-roleNBCP2475Leonardo Main Rotor Blade Inspection TrestleENG
SikorskySingleNBCP2801S-92 Main Rotor (4) Blade Storage StandENG
Airbus/Leonardo/SikorskyMulti-roleNBCP2501Main Rotor Blade | 4 or 5 storageENG
BellSingleNBCP2727Bell 412 Main Rotor Storage StandENG
MostMulti-roleNBCP2128Hoist LifterENG
SikorskySingleNBCP2042Fuel Tank InstallerENG
Airbus H175SingleNBCP3050H175 Hoist Stand with drip trayENG