Capability Profile

3D Printing - augmented product solutions & scale models

In late 2018 we added an Ultimaker 3D Printer to enable us to combine our traditional manufacturing processes with some modern technology.  The addition of our 3D Printer has allowed us to augment some of our aluminium projects with PLA printed components delivering a better outcome to the client and end user.  We’ve also used the printer to develop 3D models and concepts for our clients prior to the production process to better validate the solution and improve communications with the end user.  This meets a key consultation requirement under the OH&S and/or WHS Regulations.  

If you’re interested in working with us and our 3D Printer or our mechanical engineers and fabrication team please contact No Bolt on +61 3 8710 3900 or email 


This model recognised the delivery of a project to Lockheed Martin as part of AIR5428.